Ecozar Technologies Limited is a leading renewable energy company in Nigeria. The company was founded almost a decade ago and has since, done solar power and inverter installations in homes and corporate businesses across Nigeria.
We focus on the supply, installation and maintenance of solar, wind, and inverter system backup solutions.  Our team is made up of dedicated professionals and engineers, who ensure the power needs of our clients, are well met and at the most affordable price, we also provide 24hours support for the infrastructure when needed.


Our mission is to take advantage of the abundant sun light in Nigeria and the robust advancement in solar technology to light up homes and businesses at affordable cost, as renewable energy remains the safest, economical and sustainable source of power.

Why Ecozar?

Ecozar uses the latest solar technologies that have been proven to be rugged to increase the solar insolation received by installed solar panels.
We also have an expansive array of power boosters, solar panels, hybrid inverters, charge controllers, wind power solutions, deep cycle batteries, recycling technologies and installation tools.
Our power solutions and systems have been installed successfully in residential and commercial buildings, in farms for irrigation purposes, in water plants, industries, factories, cold rooms, filling stations, ATMs, schools, hotels, estates, churches, mosque, street lights and solar boreholes, etc.
The solar energy arena is constantly evolving and we are constantly keeping pace, net-working with strategic partners that will enable us deliver the best solutions to our clients.

Professional installations: We carry out energy audit of the energy need of every client and thereafter thorough calculations are carried out to ascertain the appropriate system size and design suitable for the client. We ensure that all necessary components, like wires, surge arrestors, breakers etc. are put to proper use in delivering a detailed installation. 
We ensure that our installations do not disrupt the aesthetics of the premises and also do not constitute any environmental nuisance.

With several manufacturers engaged in the production of solar components, it is difficult for just any one to carefully select the best components from different manufacturers and put them together for optimum efficiency. And that is exactly what we do to give our clients best value for money.

Swift customer service: Our team of dedicated professionals and engineers provide 24hours support for our numerous clients, allowing them focus on their core business as we ensure they enjoy uninterrupted power supply. 

Routine maintenance: We carry out routine check-ups on installed systems in residential and commercial facilities, solar boreholes, solar street lights, inverter backup systems, etc.

Free services: consultations, energy audit as well as provide guard on electrical appliances and solutions that are best suitable for our client’s. 

Technology high points:

  • Noiseless, it is totally noiseless
  • Automatic. Turns on and off automatically without any human interferences.
  • Improve public health.
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Economical. It saves you money spent on Fuel/ diesel and Generator maintenance. It also reduces your electric bill
  • Requires little or no maintenance
  • Inexhaustible energy supply
  • Reliable and resilient.

System Designs

Off grid

The solar energy setup starts with the solar modules which process direct current (DC), the array is connected to a charge controller, and this devise regulates how the electricity from the array is applied to the battery, so that the battery is charged while the sun is out, but not over charged. The battery stores the electricity produced, for use even after sunset. And the inverter converts DC stored in the battery to 110V and 220V alternating current (AC) depending on the country in question. (For Nigeria it is 220V) 

Grid tied

The system is connected to the nation’s main grid and functions as a semi-autonomous electrical generation or grid energy storage system which links to the mains to feed excess capacity back to the local mains electrical grid, it functions as back-up, to alternate other power source in case of power outage. Usually the system is connected to other energy source either national power source, generator set or solar array, the system gets charged while there is electric power supply from the grid, the sun or generator set and switches in seconds, in event of power outage.


















Our 1Kva to 50Kw Pure Sine Wave Inverters fitted with inbuilt charger (MPPT) and Automatic Switch, packed with unique features, which are some of the most advanced inverter/ charger in the sector.
The auto switch makes it possible for the system to switch within split seconds of power outage, making sure your appliances are protected and remain on.
It features power factor correction, sophisticated multi-stage charging and pure sine wave output with high surge capability to meet demanding power needs of inductive loads without endangering the equipment. 
Our inverters are equipped with automatic three-stage battery charger of between 15 amps to 70 amps. With overload capacity of 300%, continues output for up to 20 seconds.


  • Battery temperature sensor (BTS)
  • Automatic generator starting (AGS)
  • Support solar panel with MPPT function (optional)
  • Dc start & automatic self-diagnostic function
  • Compatible with both linear & non-linear load
  • Battery equalization with remote temperature sensor for increased performance
  • Power saving mode to conserve energy
  • Battery DOD setting
  • 8ms typical transfer time between utility & battery, guarantees power continuity
  • 4- Step Intelligent battery charging, PFC (Power Factor Correction) for charger
  • 15 secs delay before transfer when AC resumes, and protection for load when used with generator

12V /220AH 12V/200AH 12V/150AH 12V/100AH 6V/200AH 2V/500AH 2V/1000AH 2V 1500AH

  • Float charge design life of between 5 and 12 years
  • Excellent cycle performance
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Low self-discharge
  • AGM Valve sealed
  • Tubular gel technology

Solar panels
Mono / poly crystalline and amorphous 
We deploy high quality solar panels for our installations. The wattage, type of charge controller and the overall installation of the panels play a major role in determining the efficiency of the array.
Our recommendations for wattage and number of PV required for a particular installation is based on the result of a thorough calculation carried out in consideration of the energy need of the client, budget, days of autonomy required, available space, battery bank,  and sun hour per day . Our panels have high resistance to extreme weather and have a life span 25 years       

Charge controllers
Our MPPT, which refers to maximum power point tracker, is an electronic direct DC to DC converter that optimizes the match between the solar array and the battery bank.
It converts higher dc voltage output from solar panel / wind generators to the lower voltage needed to charge batteries
There is also the regular PWM charge controller, which we recommend for clients who opts to use our MPPT charger due to budget.  

Online UPS


LED lights


Breakers etc.